Letters to the Editor

Dangerous pitfalls in HB 1303 will no doubt continue to impact the November state and local elections


On Thursday, Secretary of State Scott Gessler repealed the controversial email/internet voting rules that had been promulgated for the two recall elections for use by absentee voters.

Where’s your compassion for a mother who has lost her baby?

Dear Editor,

The tone of the paragraph below in Peter Marcus’ story about personhood in the Aug. 9, 2013 issue is really disturbing. Painting a mother who lost her baby and then was told the five time drunk driver wouldn’t be held accountable for Brady’s death should elicit a modicum of compassion in most human beings.

Portraying Heather as stridently “marching” into the Capitol is inaccurate and unkind and reinforces the belief that media outlets are biased and simply unwilling to write honestly about those who view life as sacred and worthy of legal protection.

For every innocent,

Ad in Statesman was misleading

Dear Republicans for Immigration Reform,

I just read your ad in The Statesman in Colorado. It describes exactly no legislation pending before Congress or anywhere else. There is not one bill that puts security first, requires businesses use e-Verify and puts illegal at the end of the line. None. The only ones proposed that come close are from Republicans.

You people appear to be nothing more than a tool of the left. I defy you to publish the bill number that supports your proposition and the sponsor list.


Dan Kopelman

Thanks for recognizing importance of agriculture in the state


I saw your article published in the Aug. 2 edition of The Colorado Statesman regarding the House ag committee members getting out into rural areas and wanted to thank you for capturing this. As a member of the Rocky Mountain Agribusiness Association legislative committee, I have been actively working to get more legislature members out in the field and coordinated the tour last week when we hosted state Representatives Perry Buck and Lori Saine. I had an opportunity to spend about four hours with them one-on-one discussing various ag and rural issues. I am also currently working on another ag-related visit for a state senator and a state representative.

Government also deserves kudos for smart regulation of small trucking companies

Dear Editor,

I read with interest “To keep on trucking, we need to move toward smarter and simpler regulation,” Greg Fulton’s guest editorial in the June 16th Colorado Statesman about regulation of small trucking companies. I thank him for contributing his thoughts and agree that business deserves smart regulation.

I also think government deserves recognition when it works with business to develop smart regulation. Mr. Fulton’s article seems to imply there are no examples of smart regulation.

Lawmakers: Resist the extensive arm-twisting by PPIAC

State lawmakers should take a clue from the state private investigators and do a little sleuthing on their own into proposals by the Professional Private Investigators Association of Colorado to initiate mandatory licensing of investigators by the state.

LETTER: Fair coverage on “imperfection” of our candidates

Hi Ernest,

Great to see you at the Centennial Dinner and at the Republican State Central Committee elections on Saturday.

Just wanted to let you know that you did a great job reporting on this story regarding Ryan Call and Mark Baisley and their “imperfections.”

LETTER: Use of cannabis does not represent any threat to the driving public whatsoever

Dear Editor,

I am dismayed by the content of the article on HB13-1114 in the March 1, 2013 issue. Here follows my description of the bill and the outcome of the hearing:

LETTER: Kudos to those legislators who recognize that HB 1041 restricts press access to public records

Dear Reps. Coram, Everett, Humphrey, Joshi, Nordberg, Saine, Sonnenberg, Szabo, Scott and Wright,

Thank you for taking the time to understand that HB13-1041 is a very flawed bill with its “public-be-damned” approach to the average citizen’s (and press’) rights to access their public records. Many of your colleagues did not take the time to understand the unintended (?) consequences of the bill and just who and what is behind 1041.

LETTER: From my own personal experience, mental illness needs to be addressed when subject of guns is discussed

Dear Editor,

There is talk now in the legislature surrounding guns in light of recent tragedies. Both sides are making arguments for either proliferation or protections along their party policies and political contribution calculations. There is urgency now that children have been shot. Solutions are being offered to the problem we all share, and a fear we can’t shake. Each one of these policies will be ineffective. Our elected representatives are wasting these tragedies.